Food4Life – SABAH parters with Resurrection Lutheran Church (RLC) to provide food and clothing to those in need. Food4Life & Clothing Closet is part of Resurrection’s Interfaith Outreach and SABAH’s Outreach and Charity activities. Food and clothing drive and other charitable activities of SABAH are located in the “Blue House” next to SABAH center. This year we will also give special Holiday bags to those in need. These bags will include many items (including a chicken!) for individuals to prepare a holiday meal.

Your support of this program will help feed and provide clean and warm clothes those in during the holidays and into the new year.

All of our Food & Clothing items are donated. Anyone in need is welcome to visit us at the Blue House on Saturdays between 10 am and 1 pm. Anyone that would like to donate food or new or gently used clothing please call the Blue House coordinator Hasidin Mavric at 847-530-4061 or at the Resurrection Lutheran Church office at 847-455-7013 or send an email to

Thank you for your support!