The Village Presbyterian Church and SABAH Cultural Center Mark the Annual Advent Season Interfaith Celebration Amid Covid-19

Both church and mosque members exchanged words of love and gratitude and joined in prayer for a prosperous future, as a means to mark the Advent season.

The SABAH Cultural Center has cultivated a long-standing relationship with The Village Presbyterian Church in Northbrook, IL over the last X years. At the heart of our interfaith efforts lies the solidarity in the values and teachings we both find to be at the heart of our respective faiths, as well a mutual respect and understanding for our differing convictions. Both have led us to true, ongoing friendship in which we have found solace, joy, joint prayer, and praise of one Lord.

Together we have observed important landmarks and made traditions in observing significant holy days belonging to each faith. As such, The Village Presbyterian Church has welcomed SABAH community members for the Advent season to join their congregation as they celebrate and observe Christmas. Each year, our community members visited The Village Presbyterian Church, broke bread with members of the congregation, acquainted and shared meaningful conversation with new people, enjoyed song and prayer, and learned new information about our Christian brothers and sisters.

As Covid19 saturated the globe, our country, our cities and neighborhoods, our annual tradition and visit for the Advent season was forced to a halt. Despite the pandemic, we were honored to receive community members from The Village Presbyterian Church at the SABAH Cultural Center parking lot for a short gathering. We exchanged words of love and gratitude and joint in prayer for a prosperous future as a means to mark the Advent season. We thank our Christian brothers and sisters for their visit which truly filled our hearts with gratitude and joy, and their thoughtful gifts to our mosque and community members. As-salamu Alaykum and may peace and blessings be with you!